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Kids Bedroom Storage
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Kids Bedroom Storage Solutions

Parents know all too well that a child’s bedroom can get quite messy. As your child grows and accumulates more toys and books, it’s hard to find enough space to save everything, especially if your child has a small room. Fortunately, our Philadelphia, PA discount furniture store has a huge selection of simple and compact storage options to keep your child’s room neat and organized.

Bed Storage

Purchasing a kids bed with storage is perhaps the simplest option that also frees up the most space. Forget the bulky, old-fashioned toy chest and have your child store most their playthings in one of our platform beds with built-in spacious storage drawers. If your child has an extensive book collection, we have kids beds with built-in bookshelves as well. You can tuck your child in and have their bedtime stories just an arms-length away.

If you have two or more children sharing a room, take a look at our innovative storage bunk beds. For example, we offer a bunk bed with a storage chest stairway as well as under bed storage. Once you see how much space is freed up using these storage beds, you’ll be amazed.

Night Stands

Night stands are a somewhat underrated piece of furniture when it comes to kids bedrooms. While a nightstand may not offer a huge amount of storage, it certainly adds organization to a kids bedroom. Place a nightstand next to your child’s bed to store small everyday necessities, such as an alarm clock or your child’s favorite book or stuffed animal. That way, when bedtime comes, you won’t be left scrambling for certain items among a sea of toys and clutter.

Kids Desks

When it comes to children’s furniture, a desk may not initially seem like a significant storage option. The fantastic kids desks we offer at our furniture store; however, are multifunctional and quite versatile when it comes to storage. Take a look at our Emily Study Desk, a furniture piece that does triple duty as a study desk, a bookshelf, and a storage cabinet. With our desks, your child can place all their school materials—including their computer, books, stationary, and more—in one easily-accessible space.

Come see us in one of our 8 Philadelphia, PA discount furniture showrooms today. We are confident you will love our selection of children’s furniture and bedroom storage options.